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Mistake #2

The second mistake.

2. Sitting around and waiting for loan approval from some giant bank, financial institution or some phantom internet company from who knows where, who does not personally care whether you get approved for a loan or not!


Remember that a bank is in the business of loaning money to people who really do not need it. (Just try to get a loan from a bank when you really need the money.) Banks are in the risk avoidance business. Bankers are paid bonuses and are promoted on the quality of the loans they approve. If there is even the slightest problem with a loan, it is usually turned down. Do not forget that your banker will still get his or her paycheck every two weeks whether they approve your loan or not. Nevertheless, if your loan goes bad down the road, it can cost them extra money. So is it any wonder why banks are so hard to work with?


We hear this all the time about our competition:

"They told us the rate would be 6.25%, but when we got to closing the rate was 6.75%!" or "It has been 6 weeks and our lender wonít call us back!" or "We could not get approved for a loan to close on our new home in time, so the Realtor sold it to someone else"! or "They told us our loan would be a fixed rate with no points, but when we went to closing they charged 2 points and it was an adjustable loan with a pre-payment penalty. They lied to us!" or "We got lost in cyberspace" or "The only way we could communicate with them was email or voice mail. We donít think any humans really work there, just machines!"

We want you to be happily surprised not angrily surprised when you come to closing!

Knowledgeable and Personal Service is the Key!

We may be talking to you on the internet, but our office is located near you! For more than 50 years, our family has been serving the metro area. We think the technology is supposed to make the process easier and quicker for you, not longer and more complicated!

We want you to refer your family and friends to us! We know you will only do that if we do our job right!

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